How to Buy?

  • Send the correct amount of ADA to the wallet address below
  • Send 45 ADA to mint 1 NFT
  • Send 90 ADA to mint 2 NFT
  • Send 135 ADA to mint 3 NFT
  • Send 180 ADA to mint 4 NFT
  • Send 225 ADA to mint 5 NFT
  • Wait to receive the NFTs in to your wallet


Terms & Conditions

NFTs will be sent to your wallet once payment is received. There is no confirmation step, you can only purchase a maximum of 5 NFTs per transaction. If you send additional ADA we will refund it. You must send ADA from a Daedalus, Yoroi, AdaLite or Nami Wallet.



Let me introduce myself, my name is Gus the extraterrestrial space traveler. My planet was destroyed and I had to leave in such a hurry, I didn’t even have time to put on any pants! We have been travelling for 10,000 light years until we crash landed on your green planet. We come in peace.

So, what is “NoPantsNoPlanet” you might ask? Well, it's a diary of my space travels documented in the Cardano BlockChain. Each entry in the “NoPantsNoplanet” diary consists of a picture I took at each point in my journey.

Each entry into the blockchain was algorithmically generated and I have been told each one is unique with its own rarity scale. Unfortunately, our spaceship is very badly damaged and is unable to continue our space travels at this time. We have decided to share our journeys with you earthlings.

We will introduce ourselves to as many humans as possible, using what you guys call the internet and your birdy thing called twitter. Please follow us on twitter to keep up to date in real time of my whereabouts and what we are currently doing on your planet.

On Saturday, November 27th we will be sharing our journey with you with a drop of 5,000 NFTs.

Peace and love Earthlings!


  • • Story development
  • • Series 1 character & features creation
  • • Launch Twitter

Series 1

  • • Create & launch website
  • • Launch Discord
  • • Create social media presence & build community
  • • Cnft.io verification
  • • Giveaways on social media
  • • Earth collection launch: a 5015 drop of algorithmic generated NFTs plus 5 ultra rare NFTs with 1 of a kind hand drawn outfits unique to that NFT.
  • • The current holders of the 5 ultra rare NFTs, at the time of the airdrop, will receive all 3 utility tokens(Pet mating collar, Key, Cloning Chamber) delivered to their wallets.
  • • Utility tokens introduced as airdrop (to be used at a later date)
  • • 100 limited holiday NFTs airdropped (in December) to current holders of randomly pre-selected NFTs that will be listed in Discord prior to Earth collection launch.

Help Gus find his lost pet

  • • There will be 2 different panoramic backgrounds, each consisting of 4 NFTs. Three backgrounds will contain a trail of footprints leading to the 4th background which will contain Gus’ lost pet. (All will of course contain Gus)
  • • Airdrops for:
    • • Having 1 set of 4 - Pet NFT (This pet is exclusive to this airdrop)
    • • Having both sets of 4 - Pet NFT & (1/1) exclusive diamond skin Gus
  • • A date will be set to request airdrops by. The day after the deadline airdrops will be sent (after verifying NFT sets are in wallet)

Series 2

  • • Collaboration of design ideas
  • • Suggestions from community
  • • Series 2 creation which will include Gus & his pets
  • • Giveaways
  • • Grow community
  • • Launch series 2
  • • Limited utility token launch

Series 3

  • • Design tool for mating pets
  • • Design tool for cloning chamber
  • • Design tool for key
  • • Giveaways
  • • Continue to grow community
  • • Limited launch of utility tokens
  • • Launch features to utilize utility tokens

Utility Tokens

  • • Mating collar (For use during series 3 to mate Gus’s pets. Mating 2 pets to get a third pet. )
  • • Key (Used to open Gus's vault. Gus acquired many treasures during his travels which he keeps there, including his diary entries)
  • • Cloning Chamber (Ability to burn a Gus and mint a Gus with a more rare feature)


  • • Software engineer by day Artist by night (and sometimes by day but his company doesn’t need to know that)
  • • Founder
  • • Artist
  • • Tech wizard
  • • Does the heavy lifting
  • • Twitter addict
  • • NFT obsesses day & night
  • • Subscriber to the no pants movement


  • • Accountant by day works on NPNP by night
  • • Project manager
  • • Creative assistant
  • • Discord
  • • Bff of Gus
  • • More of a pj person than pantless


  • • Friendly peace loving alien
  • • Inspiration & model for project
  • • Likes to boss around human team members
  • • Mediocre spaceship mechanic
  • • Loves to laugh and tell jokes
  • • Wants the world to know about him (except for the people at area 51)
  • • Does not wear pants